Frequently asked questions and answers

By prior arrangement, direct vehicle transportation is possible after full payment has been made.
By prior arrangement, registration can also be carried out by us in Luxembourg.
As a first step, the customer should inform us of the damage by telephone or in writing. Depending on the geographical distance and the type of damage, an individual solution is found with the customer and the further procedure is discussed and, if necessary, an appointment is made in our workshop.
The short-term license plates provided (for 5 days) cost EUR 150.00 and the transfer license plates (for 30 days) cost EUR 300.00.
An appointment is not absolutely necessary, but we advise you to make an appointment in advance. This way we can guarantee that the vehicle is still for sale. We also plan enough time for your visit.
We also generally accept customer vehicles as trade-ins. If you have the opportunity, we would ask you to visit us in person with your vehicle. This would give us the opportunity to inspect it and make you an appropriate offer. Alternatively, you can send us pictures of your car (interior and exterior), your vehicle registration document and basic information (mileage, accident, repainting, asking price, etc.). Then we can send you an offer in advance. You can contact us by phone, e-mail, WhatsApp or via our
contact form
It is possible to purchase vehicles from other EU countries, such as Luxembourg.
If the vehicle fits into our portfolio, it is possible to purchase the customer’s vehicle.
If you wish to register through us, the costs are EUR 120.00 for Trier-Saarburg, EUR 150.00 for Bitburg and Bernkastel-Wittlich and EUR 250.00 for Luxembourg.
Of course, the service can also be carried out in an external professional workshop.
Payments can be made by bank transfer, in cash and by financing. A combination of payment methods is of course also possible.
Current financing can be redeemed by us. If the amount to be redeemed is higher than the purchase price of the new vehicle, the difference can be offset against the new purchase or co-financed in the event of refinancing.
We do not offer private installment payments, but we do offer individual financing options with our partner banks.
Financing is offered via the following partner banks:
Santander Consumer Bank, Bank11 and Creditplus Bank.
The following documents must be available for the preliminary financing review:
ID/passport, the last two payslips and the bank card.
Financing is only possible if the customer is resident in Germany and has a German bank account.
Delivery of the vehicle within a radius of 200 km is generally possible by arrangement.
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